Last Day!

Today is the last day of building. No more touching our robot until the competition! After today we will be doing some publicity stuff! Lets hope for the best Team 4480!!!!

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2 Weeks Left

Only 2 weeks left of building. The kids are working hard. Lets hope for the best!

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Kickoff is coming soon!

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And by soon I mean Saturday!  YAHOO!!!  Also we (Team 4480 – UC-Botics) are especially proud to announce the welcoming of a new addition to our team, by means of “FIRST Choice” put on by, UC-Botics is now the proud owner of our very own 3-d Printer!  The Makerbot – Replicator 2 was donated to FIRST Choice this year, and UC-Botics entered into the raffle for it.  We were one of the Lucky teams to receive this AMAZING device!  Stay tuned to future details about the device, but be warned….  our creativity has no limits now with this device!



Build-A-Bot Campaign!

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UC-Botics is kicking it into full gear and launching our Build-a-Bot campaign.  UC-Botics is seeking sponsors to help us build our robot and help send us to the competition!  Please visit our “Become a Sponsor” page for more information!

Build-A-Bot Form Located here!

Recycling Fundraiser

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Team 4480 is going to be implementing an Ink-Jet Cartridge, Old Cellphones, Old Laptops/iPads/Tablets/iPods etc Recycling Fundraiser.


Bring in your old goods to school, and submit them to the Recycling box After January 20th.  The goods will then be submitted for Recycling, and the Proceeds will then come back to benefit UC-Botics!  Further details about recycling can be found at the following link:

Help support the Team!

MN Splash!

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UC-Botics will be making their way to the MN Splash event held by GoFIRST at the U of M Twin Cities Tomorrow December 7th.

4 Students and Mr. Robertson will be traveling to participate in some workshops learning about programming, building, electrical work, Pneumatics, team spirit and image, as well as business and marketing.  With some great hands on learning opportunities and also the great opportunity to network and connect with other teams, it will surely be a great day!

Robotics Meeting Times!

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Hey Folks!

Robotics will be hosting meetings throughout November and December.  We will meet for around an hour on Tuesdays after school @ 3:15pm in the Upstairs Lab. Fridays will be our work days, and will be meeting longer than an hour so we can do some practice building, programming, and more!  Stop by and come join in the fun!

Check the Calendar of Events at the top!