And so it begins…

Posted: January 12, 2016 in Uncategorized

Kickoff of the 2016 season was January 9, and it was intense.  A brand new game with new challenges  slapped us in the face, but we were ready.  (Check out the game reveal video here.)  Simply put, our objective is to build a robot that can cross various “defenses” and throw “boulders” into the enemy’s tower.

We have been toying with a few ideas.  Of course, our first thought was how to get a boulder into that top goal.  Ideas such as a launcher (similar to a baseball throwing machine) and a catapult are the main front runners for that idea.  We have also been thinking about a robot that specializes in just knocking down defenses to score points.  A very short robot (to fit under the low flap) and an arm or two to raise and lower gates/ bridges is what we have so far on that idea.

Currently we are building the various defenses to get a better idea of exactly what we will have to cross.  Before long, though, we will begin work on the actual robot.


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