Gearing up!

Posted: March 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

That’s what we are doing!  We are gearing up and getting prepared for our competition in April at the University of Minnesota!  In preparation for the Competition we have accomplished the following:

  • Presented at our School Board Meeting.  We had 5 Team members present to go over our season thus far, explain the competition, answer questions, and show off our super cool (Teaser included here:) Propoganda Robot!  The members did a fantastic job talking with the Board members and had a great time doing so!
  • Finish modifying our Bumpers:  They were close to questionable on some of the tolerances, so we want to make sure they are perfect before competition!
  • 3D-Print some new CAM’s.  Shhhh…. it’s our secret weapon for crossing defenses!cams.gif
  • Designed and ordered our T-shirts and Jerseys.  They are on order, and should be showing up soon!
  • Also Acquired two new sponsors!  Thank you to the Minnesota Power Foundation, and also Polar of Opole MN for helping support our team!
  • Acquired Vision tracking through our webcams!  Josh has been working extremely hard at manipulating our Python code to work with the cameras and LEDs.  With some determination he has had some major success and we now have successful vision tracking of the high goal!  This will help support our shooting into the High goal and scoring more points for the alliance!
  • shooting.gif

We are really pumped for the competition!  Stay tuned for some more updates, especially on competition!




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