With a month left, all the members of our team are gearing up for a great Steamworks build season! We have a couple of big projects we are all working on that need to be completed before the game is revealed on January 7th! Some of the projects include:

  • New Driver Station: We are building a brand new driver station with an all aluminum frame. Isaac is leading the charge by helping brainstorm and design the ideas we have. He is also the one who is using his newly learned TIG welding skills to weld the frame together. At the current moment, there will be a laptop holder, a stationary 27 inch Samsung Monitor, a wide variety of arcade buttons, longboard wheels to allow for easy transport, and finally fancy LED lights to surround the frame!
  • New Sensors: Joshua and Caleb are preparing for the season by trying to integrate a variety of new sensors on a spare robot. Some of the sensors include; ultrasonic, quadrature encoders, potentiometers, and more! The more we learn about how to program the sensors now, the easy the implementation of the sensors will be during the short 6-week build season.
  • Modified Tool Cart: Devon and Gabe are taking up the challenge of adding our robot and drill batteries to our tool cart. Before, we had a separate cart just for batteries. With this change, we should be able to save some more room on the previous cart for a more organized bolt drawer.

We will be attending the St. Cloud State Kickoff on January 7th and we will be competing at the Lake Superior Regional from March 1st through March 4th. We can’t wait to start build season!


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That’s what we are doing!  We are gearing up and getting prepared for our competition in April at the University of Minnesota!  In preparation for the Competition we have accomplished the following:

  • Presented at our School Board Meeting.  We had 5 Team members present to go over our season thus far, explain the competition, answer questions, and show off our super cool (Teaser included here:) Propoganda Robot!  The members did a fantastic job talking with the Board members and had a great time doing so!
  • Finish modifying our Bumpers:  They were close to questionable on some of the tolerances, so we want to make sure they are perfect before competition!
  • 3D-Print some new CAM’s.  Shhhh…. it’s our secret weapon for crossing defenses!cams.gif
  • Designed and ordered our T-shirts and Jerseys.  They are on order, and should be showing up soon!
  • Also Acquired two new sponsors!  Thank you to the Minnesota Power Foundation, and also Polar of Opole MN for helping support our team!
  • Acquired Vision tracking through our webcams!  Josh has been working extremely hard at manipulating our Python code to work with the cameras and LEDs.  With some determination he has had some major success and we now have successful vision tracking of the high goal!  This will help support our shooting into the High goal and scoring more points for the alliance!
  • shooting.gif

We are really pumped for the competition!  Stay tuned for some more updates, especially on competition!



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The clock is ticking steadily. We’ve been so busy that we’ve forgotten about everything but the robot! To recap, since our last post we have created a robot. It drives, it climbs, it shoots, and it’s running like a champ!

We returned home from Kickoff with some rowdy kids and some great ideas. The next few weeks would lead to the recreation of the FIRST Stronghold defenses. We even made a tower! Then, it was time to build. We had our plans, now all we had to do was make them a reality. And that’s exactly what we did.

With the final week of build season approaching rapidly, all that’s left is to perfect and practice!

(8 days until stop build)

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Kickoff of the 2016 season was January 9, and it was intense.  A brand new game with new challenges  slapped us in the face, but we were ready.  (Check out the game reveal video here.)  Simply put, our objective is to build a robot that can cross various “defenses” and throw “boulders” into the enemy’s tower.

We have been toying with a few ideas.  Of course, our first thought was how to get a boulder into that top goal.  Ideas such as a launcher (similar to a baseball throwing machine) and a catapult are the main front runners for that idea.  We have also been thinking about a robot that specializes in just knocking down defenses to score points.  A very short robot (to fit under the low flap) and an arm or two to raise and lower gates/ bridges is what we have so far on that idea.

Currently we are building the various defenses to get a better idea of exactly what we will have to cross.  Before long, though, we will begin work on the actual robot.

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Kick-off is coming quickly, and there is a lot of excitement and anticipation for Saturday!  We will be traveling to SCSU, and watching the kick-off at the Atwood Center. Currently there are 9 students who will be attending kickoff, and we are pumped!

Also, Thank you to our Sponsors so far this year that have helped contribute to our “Build-a-bot” campaign!  Your donations are greatly appreciated and help keep us running!

A big thank you to the following: (In order that we received)

MSP Communications

Johnson Insurance

Central Minnesota Credit Union

Central McGowen -St. Cloud

Long Prairie Packing

Ripplinger Plumbing

Nelson Insurance

Standard Iron

Park Industries

Lange Oil

Gold ‘n Plump


If you are curious about the Build-a-bot campaign, or know of someone who could help us out, please check out the “Becoming a sponsor” page!

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We are really excited to see what “Stronghold” has in store for us!  FIRST has offered us a great opportunity over the past few years to learn and grow into a fun and exciting team to watch.

With the growing anticipation of the coming game, we are having a Lunch Meeting tomorrow during school, and also having a meeting before school (During Breakfast) for any 9-12th graders interested in being involved with the team.

Check out the Teaser trailers:

Andymark Teaser

Stronghold Teaser Trailer


With Kick-off on the horizon Come check us out and follow our social media sites to stay connected!


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